There are many different scholarships and awards available for people planning to study forestry or related topics.

Some of these are very broad, while others relate only to certain courses, or to people from a particular region. 

Some awards are for academic study; others are to assist people doing practical training. 



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A quick search under 'Forestry' generates over thirty examples of scholarships for starters. 

Don't forget to look at sectors related to forestry such as science, environment, primary industries, engineering, transport, and health and safety. 


If you are thinking about practical training, ask your local training provider whether any awards are available.

Many training courses are now 'fees free'; many also provide free or subsidised personal protection equipment (PPE) and other assistance such as free transport to training centres.


Three of the main forestry scholarship providers for degree/post-graduate study are MPI/Te Uru Rakau, the WIDE Trust, and the NZ Institute of Forestry Foundation. 

1. MPI/Te Uru Rakau Scholarships

MPI is offering scholarships for Māori and/or female students enrolling in a Bachelor of Forestry Science or Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Forest Engineering.
The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) is offering 6 Forestry Scholarships in 2019 to

The scholarships are open to eligible students enrolled in either a:

Scholarship value

Each scholarship recipient gets:

Applications for 2019 are now closed: 2020 applications open in June 2019. 

Full details and application procedure 


2. The WIDE Trust Scholarships

The WIDE Trust was set up in 2018, and has a range of awards and scholarships on offer, including for tertiary, post-graduate and vocational studies.

Full details and application procedure


3. NZ Institute of Forestry Foundation Scholarships

These are offered yearly and in 2018 had a total value of $44,500.

In 2018, some of the awards offered were:

Information on the 2019 awards has yet to be announced, but it is anticipated that most of the above will be available again. 

Full details and application procedure


Some  forestry companies liaise directly with tertiary education and training providers to offer financial assistance to students; also a number of forestry companies collaborate with their contractors to encourage and fund training for forestry crew members.

The best advice we can give is to never be afraid to ask your employer or training provider if any awards are available. 


MPI also offers postgraduate science scholarships every 2 years for Masters and PhD students – post-grads working in forestry-related fields have been among those awarded these scholarships in the past. For the year beginning 2020 there will be six scholarships on offer. Applications will open in June and close on 15 August 2019.

The scholarship aims to build capability in the primary industries, particularly where there are current skills and science gaps. Proposed research must be relevant and meet a need for the primary industries.

Full details and application procedure 


Eastland Wood Council

The Eastland Wood Council has two scholarships of $1500 each year for:

Find out more and download an application form.

Southern Wood Council

The Southern Wood Council Forest Products Scholarship is for a student from the Otago/Southland region who is enrolled in the Bachelor of Forestry Science or Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) (Forestry) degrees at the University of Canterbury or a Wood Processing related degree.

The scholarship has been set up by the forest products industry in the lower South Island to encourage and support an outstanding student each year for their final three professional years of study (Years 2 – 4).

The Scholarship is worth $1500 including GST per annum for the three final years of professional study (total scholarship value of $4,500 including GST). In addition, if a Bachelor of Forestry Science or Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) student is required to complete a thesis or research project as part of their study, the Council will work with the student to try and find a suitable project from within the region. There may also be opportunities for summer vacation work with one of the Southern Wood Council member companies.

For more information on the SWC Scholarships visit the Southern Wood Council website or email Brent Apthorp.


The Log Transport Safety Council (LTSC) Executive has announced that the LTSC will sponsor 10 Training scholarships for current financial members or their employees.

Scholarship applications close on 3 May 2019.

Download the information sheet about the scholarships here.

Email applications to:

Bruce Nairn
Log Transport Safety Council
0274 943695