Silviculture Crew Videos

Published 11 September 2020

Check out some great videos of the work being done by Silviculture crews on the Safetree website.

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Job Hunters Workbook

Published by Joy Hellyer | 3 September 2020

For practical tips on getting back to Employment, check out this guide from the Tertiary Education Commission.

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He Mahuri Toa – forestry careers video

Published 4 August 2020

Check out a range of careers available in forestry in this short video.    

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Writing a CV

Published 1 July 2020

It only takes 20 seconds for an employer to look at a CV and decide whether they want to interview you or not.

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inzone INZONE

Published 18 June 2020

Inside the Careers Coach, students have the opportunity to watch Inzone documentaries showcasing industries, educational institutions, and entrepreneurial New Zealanders.

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video Training for a forestry career with the University of Canterbury

Published by Joy Hellyer | 3 July 2019

  Find out about the Forestry Science and Forest Engineering degrees available at the University of Canterbury School of Forestry.    

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Forestry careers usb sticks

Published 23 May 2019

These datasticks can be pre-loaded with resources from this site (video, brochures, etc) and supplied to students, parents, etc.

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Careers folders

Published by Joy Hellyer | 23 May 2019

These folders are suitable to hold careers brochures/material supplied to students, parents, etc. Order by email from: Glen Mackie        Maximum order 100.

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video Forestry at the Rural Games

Published 18 April 2019

Forestry at the Rural Games – Southern North Island Wood Council, Toi Ohomai and Future Foresters.

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video Forest Call

Published 15 April 2019

In 2018 the television series Forest Call was filmed looking at different aspects of the forestry sector – episode 3 focused specifically on careers and the range of opportunities available.

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Forest Training Stocktake

Published 13 March 2019

The New Zealand Forest Owners Association's Stock Take of Training Options available to Forestry Industry provides a comprehensive overview of training opportunities in the sector.

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Brochure Careers information brochure

Published 13 March 2019

Download our careers information brochure to find out some of the training opportunities available in the forestry sector and read about some people working in forestry today.

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